Welcome to Images of Morocco


 Welcome to Images of Morocco


 Welcome to Images of Morocco, an selection of fine quality prints from an exclusive collection of original photographs taken on location in Morocco by second life Photographer, Lee Smith.   As you experience the Images of Morocco, enjoy the unique and intense visual textures of a world you could never imagine and can never forget.  

In my photographs, I use the light and textures to explore the tension and ambiguity  that always exists between what you see and what is real while painting a canvas in the minds eye celebrating the culture and people of Morocco."

"Every picture in the Images collection has a story, a story that most certainly enriches the visual textures of that moment and place in time, but a story that  necessarily restrains an uninhibited imagination.  This is the paradox of visual art.   I want each of these images speak to you in its own voice and I invite you to  explore and enjoy these intense visual fields just as I did when I took them".
"Their story can wait."

Limited Edition prints from the Images of Morocco in a selection of sizes and Exhibition Postcards are are available for sale. 

Contact TravelerSmith at travelersmith@gmail.com

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 Selected prints from the Images of Morocco collection are available for purchase from the TravelerSmith store on Etsy.com

All Images from the collection are custom mounted, signed, laminated, and framed in an elegant contemporary wood frame with a 2 1/2" profile with black finish.  The laminate is an exhibition quality optically clear canvas texture that provides protection against moisture and abrasion under normal display conditions.
Image Size: 20" x 30"
Framed Size: 24" x 34"

Exhibition Postcards are also available.

For information on other custom print sizes, contact TravelerSmith at travelersmith@gmail.com  

Photography is Communication

Surrounded both by natural beauty and interesting people. My pictures tell my stories. 

Photography is Sharing

I invite you to bring bits of my stories into your life.

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